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Society Funding Sources

The Society has been very fortunate in the area of funding. One of the reasons for this is that the bulk of the organization's growth took place at the time the institutions were closing and funding was moving, with clients, to the community.

Approximately 55% of our funding comes to us from the Provincial Government, Ministry for Children & Family Development (with a small amount of this coming from B.C. Housing). The federal government participates in this funding in the form of Federal Transfer Payments. Approximately 30% of funding comes directly from the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority.

The Society has one Client Services Agreement (contract) with the Ministry for Children and Families to cover its legal relationship with the Provincial Government. Each program listed above has a corresponding component schedule with the Ministry. These component schedules specify the Outcomes to be achieved for the clients by the program, how many clients will participate in the program, how many staff will be provided, what the standards will be, how the program will be monitored and the amount the Society will be paid. Funding is negotiated at program start-up and annually, as is possible.

The Executive Director compiles budgets annually. The Board of Directors must then approve these budgets. The Semiahmoo House Audit Committee monitors compliance with the Board's policies around financial accountability and practice and a detailed audit is performed at the end of each fiscal year (April 1 to March 31). See the Financial Policies for greater detail.

The total budget for the Society is approximately $9.6 million.

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