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Customized Employment Services(CE)

Customized Employment (CE) is an innovative service that is dedicated to helping create inclusive workplaces. We partner with business leaders in our community to build bridges for people with disabilities who want to work and connect with potential employers. We strive to individualize the employment relationship between job seekers and employers in ways that meet the needs of both.

We do this by matching jobs based upon the job seekers strengths and interests and the requirements of the employer. We provide onsite job training and foster long term relationships with employers.

We believe, when given the opportunity everybody has the ability to work and give back to their community.

Return on Investment

• Here are some benefits reported by employers who have invested in someone with a disability:

• Create a diverse work site that attracts a diverse customer base 

• Contribute to an improved bottom line due to reduscing WCB claims and absenteeism 

• Recruit loyal and skilled employees

• Free up resources to complete other tasks and increase productivity

• Gain visibility as a business leader in the community

• Contribute to employee moral by deomstrating good values

• Retain employees who are eager and happy to work

• Make a difference in your community 




"Stenberg College's experiences with CE have been incredibly positive and inspiring and we would encourage all employers to support this valuable program. We have hired a number of individuals and have always been impressed with their positive and professional manner, their dedication and their hard work." - Jeremy Sabell, President, Stenberg College


"Amanda is well liked and has a wonderful sense of humour. She is conscientious, loyal and a very hard worker. I have watched her blossom into a confident young woman. She has been a positive influence to others in our office for her dedication to a task. i really do not know how we managed before hiring Amanda!" - Cheryl Olsen-Little, Sr. Office Coordinator, Group Health Global 


"Six years ago we employed Eric at Fieldstone and it has been one of the best hiring decisions we've ever made. Eric has become an integral part of the Fieldstone team and it has been a joy to watch his confidence and pride blossom through his work. Although we initially hired Eric out of a sincere desire to make a difference in th elife of an individual wiht a developmental disability, it has actually been us and our entire staff team who have benefited." - Nicola Erasmus, Owner, Fieldstone Artisan Bread


Need an employee who will be loyal, dedicated and hard working? Contact us! 


Office: 604-592-1006 ext-223



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