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Family Services

The operating philosophy of Family Services is that families are best supported by being empowered to help themselves. Family Services is there to help navigate the systems that are affecting your family member such as; Education; Social Services; and Health.

Community means different things to different people. It can be geographical, cultural, religious or social. Some of us think of special places where we meet others of places that we frequent, others think of the people who are involved in their lives or live in the neighbourhood. We define community as any experience beyond home and school where we socialize, learn lessons about life, work, play. shop, exercise, worship or recreate.

When children are old enough to begin to need more contact and stimulation beyond their home environment, neighbourhood facilities and community programs become vitally important. For parents whose child has a disability, this can be a difficult and scary time: entering into the public not knowing if they and their child will be accepted or appropriately supported. It is therefore very important for community programs and facilities to be welcoming, supportive, accessible and able to demonstrate skills and sensitivity.

All of us are surrounded by people and opportunities to develop relationships, make connections and form friendships. However, what some people need is a person to assist in facilitating these possibilities. That person can provide and support opportunities for relationships to form and strengthen. Those people can be teachers, teaching assistants, Navigators, Facilitators, Child and Youth Care workers, counsellors, fellow students, parents or support workers. Family Services assists Families with this process of finding people to help them through the challenges of supporting a loved one with a developmental disability.

If you are looking for more information on Family Services, please contact

Nolda Ware, Manager of Person Centred Practices and Family Services


Office: 604-536-1242 ext. 266

Mobile:  604-805-0683

Fax:  604-536-9507

There is no fee for service

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