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Fine Arts

Musical Theatre ( ages 12+) Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm 

Have people ever told you that you are dramatic or theatrical? Well out those skills to good use! Come join Musical Therapists for a months of performing arts. We will work hard to create stunning visual and auditory experience for you friends and family to watch. Sing and act your hear out while learning teamwork and building confidence. No experience necessary.


Rec Rockers BandRec Rockers

We be jammin! Do you love music? You've got the moves, now why not try out a real guitar (or bass, keyboard, or drums)? Come join Music Therapist Katherine Graff and laern how to play in a rock band! This program focuses on teamwork, rhythm and fine and gross motor skills. We have all of the musical intstruments and we always find something for everyone! No musical experience mecessary... the only requirement is the urge to ROCK!!!!!! 




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