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  • Lucas and Jake
  • Larissa and Keirra
  • Golf Tourney
  • Evan and Jace
  • Dancefit
  • Chris at WinterDaze
  • Casey in Summer Daze
  • Yong at Bloedel Conservatory

Fitness and Sports

Most Valuable Players (Ages 12 and up)

I am GameFormally knows as I Am Game: Rec and Leisure staff and the athletes embark on a fitness journey to practice and apply their fundamental movement skills to a variety of games. We will learn and practice the skills needed to enjoy a wide variety of sports and physical activities.

Dance Fit (Aerobics) (Ages 12 and up)

Do you want the moves like Jagger? Do you love cranking music and dancing? What better way to get more active than to join our personal trainer Frances Morris as she leads the class through an awesome aerobic based workout that incorporates some basic hip-hop moves, a little bit of dance and a lot of fun!

Yoga (Ages 12 and up)

Wanna get twisted, literally? Take time to relax and stretch with personal trainer Frances Morris. We will start by warming up the body with active stretching and then slow it down and stretch it out using traditional yoga poses and stretching exercises! Come stretch the possibilities with us!

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