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Snoezelen Room

Enter the magical world of SNOEZELEN®. A wonderful blend of sights, sounds, textures and aromas. An environment filled with fascinating visual displays that surround and absorb. Here, colorful objects beckon to be touched and admired. Orbiting images, lights and colours make interesting diversions. Electronic devices with buttons and switches entice the user to reach out and explore. Gentle vibrations and massage soothe the body and reduce stress. The atmosphere fills with pleasant sounds, while delicious aromas are subtly dispensed in the air.

The Snoezelen environment is safe and non-threatening. Children and adults with disabilities, or other limiting conditions, enjoy gentle stimulation of the primary senses. There is no need for intellectual reasoning. Participants experience self-control, autonomous discovery and exploration—achievements that overcome inhibitions, enhance self-esteem and reduce tension. 

Research has shown that multi-sensory environments offer a wealth of benefits, often affording the participant and caregiver an opportunity to improve communications, enhance their understanding of each other and build trust in their relationship.

Snoezelen is a wonderful experience to enjoy and share. A place that replenishes the spirit.

Aims and objectives

At Semiahmoo House Society, our aims and objectives for the Snoezelen rooms is to provide a relaxing environment in which supported individuals, relatives, caregivers and staff are able to develop a therapeutic relationship which does not require any intellectual response. Our objectives are to provide an environment that gently stimulates all the sensory modalities to heighten awareness; to create a secure environment in which people with disabilities, caregivers, relatives and staff may explore and relax; to promote a therapeutic relationship by sharing experiences of sensory stimulation; to provide a failure free activity which can be non-directive.

Semiahmoo House Society offers two Snoezelen environments: an active room and a quiet room. The active room consists of a pit of balls, a tunnel to crawl through, toys to experiment with and much more. The quiet room focuses more on the senses of touch, smell, sight, sound and feel with effects of light, sounds, comfortable seating, textures, and much more. The use of the sensory environments is not limited to people with disabilities, it can be used by all ages and in various specialties including mental health, elderly, head injuries and more.

If you would like more information, or would like to try out the Snoezelen Rooms, please email Diane Nimmo.

For further information about Snoezelen rooms, please go to

User Fees and Membership

Fees for Use:

  •  There is a $2 fee for each half hour visit per student/individual.
  •  Visits must be paid for in advance by purchasing a minimum value of $20.
  •  Staff and participants who are not wearing socks will not be able to have a visit.



Membership Fees:

  •  $100 for schools for one year
  •  $100 for organizations for one year
  •  $25 for a personal membership for one year



Orientation is required prior to use.

Snoezelen Room


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