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Workshops & Training

Semiahmoo House Society offers a variety of internal and external training and workshops. Our workshops include:

Person Centered Thinking 

Workshops of one to three days offered by our in house Person Centered Thinking trainers.

(from The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices)

“For people being supported by services, it is not person centred planning that matters as much as the pervasive presence of person centered thinking.  If people who use services are to have positive control over their lives, if they are to have self directed lives within their own communities then those who are around the person, especially those who do the day to day work need to have person centered thinking skills. Only a small percentage of people need to know how to write good person centered plans, but everyone involved needs to have good skills in person centered thinking, in the value based skills that underlie the planning.

There are a number of reasons for this. Teaching and supporting the use of person centered thinking skills will mean that:

  • It is more likely that plans will be used and acted on, that the lives of people who use services will improve
  • You will have a number of ways to get plans started
  • Updating the plans will occur “naturally”, needing less effort and time

Every style of person centered planning is rooted in a person centered way of thinking. It is made up of a set of value based skills that result in seeing the person differently and give us a way of acting on what is learned.  Training in person centered planning is training in a way of thinking as much as it is in a way of developing a plan.  In essential lifestyle planning we have identified basic skills and tools that help learners understand and embrace this way of thinking.”

Semiahmoo House Offers one, two, and three day training sessions in Person Centered Thinking.

The Mandt System®

Mandt certification and recertification courses offered by our Mandt certified trainers.

(From the Mandt System® website)

“The Mandt System® is a comprehensive, integrated approach to preventing, de-escalating, and if necessary, intervening when the behaviour of an individual poses a threat of harm to themselves and/or others. The focus of The Mandt System® is on building healthy relationships between all the stakeholders in human service settings in order to facilitate the development of an organizational culture that provides the emotional, psychological, and physical safety needed in order to teach new behaviours to replace the behaviours that are labeled “challenging.”

The Mandt System® integrates knowledge about the neurobiological impact of childhood trauma with the principles of positive behaviour support and provides a framework that empowers service providers to do their work in a way that minimizes the use of coercion in behaviour change methodologies

It is our intention that within this framework we create peace of mind, that The Mandt System® can help you find appropriate solutions and then share these with everyone. This peace of mind comes from the fact that the instructional certification provided by The Mandt System® truly puts all people first by building healthy workplace relationships in which:

  • Your service users will be safer
  • Your staff will be safer
  • Your work will meet or exceed your industry standards for safety”

 FOOSAFE Level 1

Internal and external certification training offered by our experts.

  • FOODSAFE Level 1 is a food handling, sanitation and work safety course designed for front line food service workers such as cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers, and deli workers.  The course covers important food safety and worker safety information including foodborne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing.
  • The BC Health Act: Food Premises Regulation states that every operator of a food service establishment, and at least one employee on every shift, must hold a FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate, or certificate from a course recognized as equivalent to FOODSAFE.

Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about our training sessions and workshops.

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